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Xtralis VESDA detectors are highly sensitive smoke detection systems capable of functioning and detecting smoke in a wide and varied range of conditions and applications.  The cost-effective and flexible nature of VESDA systems are ideal for both clean and dirty environments including: Computer Rooms, Telecom, Warehouse & Storage, Manufacturing, and Power Industries. 

VESDA systems offer many advantages over conventional fire dection systems.  By actively sampling the air, VESDA systems can detect smoke significantly sooner than other detecters.    Not only does the system detect smoke sooner it also can detect much smaller concentrations.  By detecting smoke molecules quicker and more precisely, you have more time to actively prevent fire losses and alert employees.

Please contact us with any questions on how a VESDA system can be customized for your business.  For more information you can also check out some the VESDA brochure linked below:

VESDA Brochure

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